Every good marketing strategist understands the effectiveness of being quoted in the media. When you are referenced in a newspaper, online article, or even on TV, it immediately gives the impression that you are an expert and a leading voice in the legal community. As a result, you should jump at any chance to be quoted in the media. From there, however, the trick is knowing how to turn that exposure into tangible business.

Forward It

Passing the article or video along to friends, family, clients and any colleagues who may be interested in the topic is an easy way to generate referrals and ensure that more people are aware that you specialize in that area. If you are a member of any committees or associations send them a copy as well.

Include It

If your firm produces a periodic newsletter or sends out informational articles and emails, be sure to include at least an excerpt as part of a relevant topic. If you maintain a blog, consider basing a dedicated post on it.

Share It

Social media may be the most powerful marketing tool in the world today. Adding links or copies to all your active channels and your website makes it available to more eyes and demonstrates your status as an industry expert.

Comment on It

Leaving a brief comment underneath online articles and videos thanking the reporter and praising their work creates goodwill and makes it more likely they’ll look to you next time they need a quote. Interacting with public questions or comments, as well, can show you as both knowledgeable and approachable.

Getting your name and knowledge out into the public sphere is a great start, and pitching reporters through online sites such as HARO (Help A Reporter Out) can be an effective way to generate publicity. You just need to make sure you take advantage and increase your business opportunities when the chance arises.

If you would like more tips on how to create your own marketing plan, please email me at teahoffmann@lawstrategycorp.com or call me at 803-831-2420.

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