Law Strategy Corp provides coaching for lawyers who want to improve their performance, increase their personal and professional happiness, and obtain or refine additional skills needed for success. As a certified Executive and Life Coach, and as a licensed attorney who built her own book of business, Tea Hoffmann has the training and skills necessary to help lawyers develop and retain business while building their personal brand. With over 18 years of coaching experience, Tea Hoffmann has proven herself to be a catalyst for positive change for her coaching clients.

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Business Development Coaching

Most lawyers did not learn how to build and sustain relationships with clients in law school. However, the ability to build a book of business and establish long-term relationships with clients and referral sources is a fundamental skill needed for today’s successful lawyer. One-on-one coaching has proven itself to be the most effective way for lawyers to increase their overall profitability and the firm’s bottom line.  LSC’s program, consisting of six one-on-one coaching sessions, is the most cost-effective way for your firm to enhance its bottom line, improve retention and provide your lawyers with the tools that will enable them to succeed long-term.   E-mail  to learn more.

Group Coaching and Training

Effective, Efficient, Productive and Profitable Partner (E²P²) 

The E²P² program is a unique program designed for new or rising partners. The program combines in-person training with one-on-one coaching. This combination allows participants to learn necessary skills in a group setting and then customize these skills during one-on-one coaching. Participants leave the program with a written business development plan, set goals and implementable action. In addition, they build trusting relationships with others within the firm. Increased productivity, more effective business development skills and long-lasting relationships are key outcomes from this program.   E-mail  to learn more.

  • Collaboration – both short and long term as partners develop trusting relationships by interacting during the program 
  • Communication – partners share their experiences during the in-person training and benefit from learning from each other
  • Critical skill development – partners learn essential business development, organizational, time management and leadership skills that will enable them to be more successful long term
  • Accountability – each partner will set specific goals during the course and will be held accountable to the group to report on the goals at each training session and during each one on one coaching call 

Leadership Coaching

LSC’s customized leadership program, entitled “Strategic Leadership in Today’s Law Firm” is focused on teaching practice group and industry team leaders how to create effective systems to reach implementable goals. The program combines workshop style training along with five one-on-one coaching sessions designed to enable group leaders specific time to discuss their particular group dynamics, obstacles, and ideas.  This combination creates long-lasting change and improvement.    E-mail  to learn more.

Productivity Coaching

Lawyers who use their time effectively make more money.  Yet, law schools today still do not teach students how to properly manage their time.  Lawyers face many challenges.  These include:

  • Inability to focus
  • Failure to prioritize
  • Procrastination
  • Distractions
  • Starting the day late
  • Ineffective scheduling
  • Miscalculation of the time a project may take
  • Multitasking
  • Perfectionism
  • Confusing busy for effective

These and many more obstacles to great time management are taught in productivity coaching.  With over five years of Franklin Covey™ Focus training under her belt, Tea Hoffmann has the skills and enthusiasm to take any lawyer from non-productive to more productive. E-mail to learn more.