The Surprising Truth

In 2018, the ABA reported that the United States had 1.3 million lawyers licensed to practice. In fact, the number of lawyers has increased by almost 200,000 in the last 10 years! Unbelievably, 98% of those lawyers work in firms of less than 50 lawyers. Of those, less than 10% have a written marketing/business development strategy and less than 30% of them have a written business or strategic plan. As a result, many of these firms fail to obtain the success that could be theirs and struggle to compete with larger firms with more resources. Imagine if a small firm could compete.


What would change if your firm had a written strategy, implementation plan, training to establish a business development culture and resources to show each lawyer how to harness their efforts more efficient and effectively? Focused efforts lead to profitability. Everyone knows this, but many simply don’t have the internal resources or time to obtain the needed focus. Others feel they can’t afford to hire the consultants need to accomplish all the elements needed to create the desired outcome.

That is where Competitive Advantage can help.

Competitive Advantage is a program offered exclusively by Law Strategy Corp, and designed specifically to address to core needs of firms with less than 50 lawyers. Now your firm can take advantage of many of the resources that larger firms have been maximizing for years.

How much more could your firm accomplish if it had a marketing plan that aligned the firm’s brand and objectives, business development plans and training for each of your lawyers, written strategic goals, implementation plans, law practice management reviews of your key expense areas, leadership training and business development coaching at its disposal? And, all at a price point that the firm could afford?

Now you can.

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