Read part one first. In part one of this blog, we explored the value of owning a blog as a legal professional.

The tools available online these days make starting a blog easier than ever for even the most technologically illiterate. Long-gone are the days of only programmers being able to code a web page. These days, there are websites in place with the sole job of making it easy to write fun, accessible blogs. That being said, if a firm wants the amount of content required to make a sizeable dent on the market, it is highly recommended that you outsource your article writing. Here are some steps to take.

Partner up with a competent copywriter

While you supply the ideas, a copywriter can bring those ideas to life. The internet makes it really easy to find someone able to spit out anywhere from one to five blog posts a week about anything you need them to.

Post regularly

Not only should you be focusing on producing quality blogs (two or three a week is recommended), but you should also be publishing them on a regular schedule. Additionally, link up all social media accounts so that the conversation can be taken further and people can comment on the information you have to offer.

Examine metrics to further your promotion

By analyzing where the website hits are coming from, you are able to gain a lot of valuable information that firms would normally pay a pretty penny for. Metrics can point toward trends in growth and can also steer you away from low-performing blog topics so you know what to avoid in the future.

While giving legal advice on a blog is strictly discouraged due to lawyers’ code of ethics, there are a multitude of questions every legal team gets daily that can be answered with a quick 400-word blog post. The opportunities are limitless.

If you want more information about maintaining a blog as a legal professional, you can reach out to Law Strategy Corp for coaching and strategic planning.

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