Though marketing and business development fall into two different categories and serve different functions, there’s no reason why the two tactics can’t build off of each other. Any successful business strategy will incorporate elements of both tactics in order to both attract new business and help boost your practice’s image.

Here are two easy ways that you can make use of both marketing and business development in order to grow your law firm.

Case Studies

Do you have a case that you are particularly proud of? What about a happy client that would be more than glad to sing your praises? Consider creating a case study that details how you went above and beyond for a client, the results you garnered, and how it impacted your client. Try to include quotes from your client, along with a call-to-action about how your firm can do the same for a prospective customer.

These case studies are excellent tools for closing the deal when speaking with a potential new client. They showcase your expertise and give them an idea of the results they can expect by hiring your practice. Additionally, case studies are also excellent marketing tools that you can share on social media, in email newsletters, and on your website.

Special Events

Hosting a networking function or another special event are great ways to grow your clientele, mingle with industry colleagues and get face-time with past clients.

The next time you’re hosting a special event, make use of your social media channels and email newsletters to market the event with your audience. Your website is also a great place to share news about your upcoming event. Consider creating a separate event page, or use a pop-up banner to invite website visitors to attend.

Don’t just stop at event promotion. Create a special hashtag that guests can attach to posts about the event in order to reach their followers. You should also share photos of the event afterward and encourage attendees to tag themselves.

There are several other creative ways that you can join together your marketing and business development efforts in order to both get and retain clients. The important part is to choose wisely when deciding how to best allocate your time and resources, so you can grow your firm and see the results that you want.  For more ideas, shoot me an email at or share your ideas in the comment box below.

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