1. Review Your Bio – Would you hire you? Most readers spend only 13 second reading your bio. Print your bio out and read it aloud. Think about your bio through your client’s eyes and consider if you would keep reading. Does your personality, experience and passion for client care show through? If not, consider spending an hour or so rewriting your bio. Amy Knapp wrote a great review on six compelling attorney bios. Click here to review her article. See how yours compares. As always, if I can help in any way, let me know.
  2. Review or Write Achievable Goals for 2020 – We are almost four months into the year. Check your goals and see what you have accomplished or if you haven’t written any goals for the year, spend some quality time writing out a few personal and professional goals. Written goals are more likely to be accomplished, provide motivation and decrease your stress. Check out this article and just do it!
  3. Check on Your Clients – Most everyone is working from home and many are concerned about how the coronavirus will impact them personally and/or professionally. A nice personalized email or even phone call from their favorite lawyer is a great touch point. Ask about them and their staff first and offer your support. This is a relationship building email not a follow-up or closing call. So, show empathy, care and kindness.
  4. Update Your LinkedIn profile – Like your bio, your LinkedIn profile should be reviewed on a regular basis. Remember, LinkedIn is a “cocktail” party for professionals. Use the time you have to review your profile, update your profile, add connections and review the LinkedIn pages of your clients, prospects and referral sources. This social media platform is extremely powerful. I recently started listening to Professor Heather Austin on YouTube. She has great content on LinkedIn. You can check it out here. I hope we can all be back in our offices soon, but in the meantime, stay safe and use your time wisely.

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