To stay competitive, law firms need to generate new business while keeping existing clients happy constantly. Creating new relationships while maintaining existing clients can be a tricky task, especially in oversaturated markets or large cities where there seems to be a firm on every block. Whether you’re well-established in your practice or brand new to the business, attorneys need to be creative when it comes to business development. Here are a few simple ways to stand out from the crowd and find new clients.

1. Volunteer Your Time

While there are plenty of effective marketing tactics that will get your name out there, nothing is more valuable than face time with prospective clients. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to meet new people that don’t involve slapping on a name tag and hoping for the best.

Consider becoming active in a community or civic organization you are passionate about and where your prospective clients may also be members. For example, if you are concerned about the environment and practice in a related field, look for groups that are focused on environmental conservation efforts. An impressive list of these types of organizations can be found at And, please don’t just join. Get involved and on a committee. Do your part to make the organization successful. Meet individuals who share your passion and network with them both within and outside of the organization. While this is not a “quick” or effortless way to get work, I have found that it adds to your quality of life and can build relationships that do eventually lead to introductions and work.

2. Get Published

One way many attorneys establish credibility and gain name recognition is by getting published. Gaining credibility doesn’t mean you need to write a book or significant academic paper! From legal blogs, LinkedIn post to regional publications, there are plenty of mediums that are hungry for well-written legal content. Check out your industry trade journals, local bar magazines and even your alumni periodicals for publishing opportunities. Robert Don Gifford published an excellent article for the ABA on how to establish your expertise by getting published. The article can be found at

3. Stay in Touch

While finding new business is essential, retaining and reminding your current roster you are alive and well should always be a priority. Keep a list of current and past clients visible on your desk. Look at it daily and make sure you are connecting with these contacts often. Each client is different. Customize your “touch” routine to fit each individual client and keep track of your last touch. If you can’t remember the last time you reached out, it has been too long. Set a goal to spend ten minutes each day following up with past and current clients as well as referral sources. Keeping in touch can mean picking up the phone to give them an update on an ongoing case or shooting off a quick email to see how they’re doing. You can also send them an article of interest (personal or professional) or even drop by their office on your way to work with a box of doughnuts. A little effort goes a long way in making the most of your time and optimizing your success.

If you would like to develop more strategies to attract clients, please reach out to me. I would be honored to work with you. You can reach me at

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